Captain America Car Redo


Well…It has been WAY to long since I have written a post.  I got distracted by life, but realized I had a few projects I’ve been waiting to blog for a long time.

My nephew loves superheroes.  So I decided to do a Captain American car redo for his present.  I must say, I think it turned out great.

A few notes about what I did.  I started by disassembling the car the best I could, I found this at goodwill for $15.oo.  It kind of just snapped apart. I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried about it all fitting back together.  Then I sanded this lightly. I think this is key although I would use a very light sand paper, I used a little rougher one and you could kind of see the scratch marks. I did use my silhouette to do the cutting, I used chipboard/old cereal boxes as the templates.  We did a lot of touch up painting, because we had trouble with bleeding.  I would definitely use vinyl next time :).  I made the shield with a dog frisbee and cut out the shapes with my silhouette then modge podged over it.

Before it was kind of a mess 😦 Sad little car!dsc_1042

The front wheels didn’t come off so I covered them with plastic before spray painting. dsc_1046

My sweet hubby helping me!dsc_1117


Tape this with really good painters tape!!dsc_1111dsc_1109dsc_0602

A place for my aprons

I didn’t have a good place for my aprons to hang at our new house, so they ended up in a bin in a cupboard.  I realized how much I don’t use them down there, so I was determined to find a place for them to hang.


Our basement stairs are right across form our kitchen, so I decided they could find a home in the basement hallway.

I just used command hooks (love no holes in the wall when I can get away with it). I also cut some removable vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo that said “Let’s Bake!”.  I love how cute it looks and I defiantly use them more!

Monogram Shoes Part 2

I decided to make my stepdaughter a pair of monogram shoes! Boy did they turn out cute!!  I did them a little different than the ones I did for myself.  I decided to do the monogram on her toe, do to the fact that her tongue was quite a bit smaller than mine. Instead of paint I used permeant vinyl with a few layers of shiny Modge Podge on over it. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl and tweezers to place them.  My advice is to have patience and cut extra letters because they get stuck together or ruined and it’s easier to have left over then keep going back and cutting more.


One shoe done!


I also decided to do her initials on the back too!

Dog Feeding Station


Updated photo: found these cute bowls at Hobby Lobby half off! YAY!

I have two sweet doggies who are a big part of our family!  We have always fed them in our kitchen on the kitchen rugs and I got super fed up with kicking, stepping and tripping over the bowls that inevitably got left there all day long. So I decided to make the dogs their own “feed station” area.  All that really meant was finding a space on the floor where they could have an area out of the way.  I got a rubber feeding mat from Target and decided I wanted to make it a little more personalized by adding little name tags.  I also decided to make a sign that would tell us if the dogs have been fed or not.  I always have trouble knowing if the kids fed them before they left for school.  I am hoping this will help!

I got these cute signs at Micheals and used red paint.  I like to buy sample paints at Home Depot, they are much cheaper than buying acrylic paint and you get a lot more of it.


I added some cute little wooden accents.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl for the lettering.


I think it turned out very cute! Now I just need to find some matching bowls!

DIY Monogram Purse


I made myself a monogram purse a week of so ago.  I love purses they will always be my number one obsession! I showed my Mom and she said she wanted one so I made her one as well.  I did my purse in gold and she decided she wanted her’s black, I like how they both turned out but for picture purposes the black looks better.

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the stencil out of contact paper.  I always do my stencils out of contact paper because it is cheaper than vinyl and works great.


Make sure you push all your edges down REALLY GOOD! If you don’t it will bleed and look messy.  I took my finger nail and pushed all the edges down two or 3 times.


I used black acrylic paint and a foam brush.  First do you strokes vertical and then do another coat horizontally.  By doing this you will get less of a streaky look.

They both turned out great! I like the distinct look of the black and the gold is a little more subtle.


Monogram Earrings


I told you I am obsessed!  I needed a pair of monogram earrings.  I found these cute earrings and thought they were the perfect canvas to put a monogram on!  I wanted to try pearls, but had a difficult time finding ones that were big enough.

First I went to Mark and Graham to create my “round” monogram. I measured my earrings and luckily got it right on the first try.  Again I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl.  I then got my trusty tweezers out, I think tweezers are a must when working with vinyl, then I positioned them on the earrings.

I have had so many compliments on them!  I still want to try some round pearls, just need to find some that are big enough!


Anchor Nail Decals DIY


 I LOVE NAIL ART.  I have done it by hand quite a few times.  The problem for me is that my left hand always looks great and my right not so much.

I am always impressed with how interact my Silhouette Cameo cuts, so I decided to give nail decals a try.

This was my first try with doing nail decals.  I love doing these designs with vinyl because they both look the same and stay really well.

I wore these for about a week and half before I noticed any chipping, although the decal was in perfect shape!  I did use a shellac top coat on these so I think that has some to do with the wearability of these!