Kids Table and Chair Makeover


My husband had this cute set before we were married.  We don’t use it often, usually for nieces and nephew when we need extra seating.  I decided that they were looking a little to worn and to be honest ugly so I decided to give them new life!

I bought spray paint and one large felt backed table cloth, I got the table cloth for $2.50 on clearance.  SCORE!  This project cost under $10 total!  Most of the cost was in the spray paint.

This it before…you can see two of the seats were covered in duct tape 🙂


I started by taking off all the pieces.  I taped all the bottom black pieces with blue painters tape.


I kept all my screws in a bowl so I wasn’t searching for them in a couples days when I was trying to get them back on.

I didn’t get a pictures of me painting the table and chairs, but I used spray paint for this project.


Next I started stapling the new cover on.  A few tips you can learn from my mistakes. Put the table cloth in the sun for 10 or 15 minutes….it will get all the creases out!  I used the staples that were in my staple gun, they ended up being a little to long so I had to go back with a hammer and smash the ends down, it left a few tiny holes in my new material but it still turned out great! Try to fold your edges like a present then pull it in tight.

DSC_0188 DSC_0190

Ta da!  So much cuter now!