Benebone Dog Bone The Only Bones for Our Dogs

This is not a sponsored post!


With four dogs we are always in need of bones that last.  Our heelers can destroy bones in a few minutes.  We don’t like rawhide or bones that can be ripped into small pieces.  Bleu has a tendency to try and swallow them whole.

So, we’ve been on the search for a bone that would last and be safe.  Well, we found it and I have to share!  These are great, they are harder than rawhide, but as they chew it gets softer.   They come in 3 flavors, peanut butter, rotisserie chicken and bacon.  Our dogs like the rotisserie chicken and bacon the best!  They also come in different shapes, we’ve bought both types and our dogs prefer the Y shape.

If you have dogs who are chewers these are the bones to buy!



Loosing a Pet


This is an old post that I never published.  My sweet guy will have been gone for 2 years in August.  I wanted to share these wonderful memories, even though these words are not recent words.

We recently lost one of our precious dogs!  Brody was my first baby and I can’t explain the pain I feel over his loss.  He was just a week shy of being 10 years old.  He ate something he should’t have and we lost him very suddenly.  Making the decision to put him down was definitely heart reaching and difficult.  I have gone through so many emotions over the last month.  I have felt grief, guilt, anger and a lot of sadness.  I still call his name at times or wonder where he is sleeping in the house.  These habits have been so hard because it is a reminder of him always being near by.

Brody was definitely special to all 4 of us, but he was my baby for the last 9 years.  He provided the unconditional love that I desperately needed at some of the most difficult times in my life.  He was my protector in so many ways.  I am forever grateful that God allowed him to be with me for 9 years.  Over those 9 years he taught me so much.  He taught me how to care and love.

Brody was a Beagle and that came with a lot of quirks! He loved food, was a little stubborn and had a nose that got him into a lot of trouble.  We have since realized how much we miss his funny quirks.  He never did anything on our time, it was always on his time.  As infuriating as it felt at times, it was his personality and I can’t tell you how much I miss calling him in from the backyard and watching him take his sweet time making his way in.

I have cried over loosing my little guy everyday since he’s been gone.  I am glad he is out of pain and in a better place but for now my heart hurts and I miss him badly.


We laid Brody to rest in our backyard.

I love you Brody and will always miss you!