Fabric Wall Cross

I have seen this idea circulating on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.  I really love it, I made a few extra for gifts as well.dsc_0855-001

I cut the boards.  It was my first time using the table saw.  Not a scary as I thought. dsc_0832-001

Then I stained them.  After that my hubby did pocket holes on the back with the router. dsc_0835-001

Then I stapled the fabric in place.dsc_0857-001dsc_0858-001dsc_0860-001

I used thick thread to tighten and tie a knot.  I needed help with this to keep it tight. dsc_0862dsc_0861

That’s it.  It took about 1 hour start to finish.  I made 3.

Dog Leash Hanger

I decided I needed a place to put the leashes.  We got one more pup about a month after I made this…Now I have to make another one to put our new girl’s name on it! In case you are counting…yes that makes three.  We are a little crazy! (Edit: And then we added a forth after this was written!)


I stained the board, I was lucky and found a scrap piece that was just perfect!  Then I have my husband help me attach the hooks and the bracket for the jar.  dsc_0843-001

I cut my vinyl on my silhouette cameo and then painted.  dsc_0845-001

So I made a HUGE mistake that actually turned out really cool.  My vinyl bled a little…I will be using the modge podge method next time.  So I tried to clean it up and ended up making a bigger mess.  I figured I would try to stain again over the paint and see what happened.  It actually came out cool and made the lettering look a little aged!  So I would do this again next time, I really love the look.  dsc_0849-001dsc_0851-001

Love really is a four-legged word in this house!

Captain America Car Redo


Well…It has been WAY to long since I have written a post.  I got distracted by life, but realized I had a few projects I’ve been waiting to blog for a long time.

My nephew loves superheroes.  So I decided to do a Captain American car redo for his present.  I must say, I think it turned out great.

A few notes about what I did.  I started by disassembling the car the best I could, I found this at goodwill for $15.oo.  It kind of just snapped apart. I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried about it all fitting back together.  Then I sanded this lightly. I think this is key although I would use a very light sand paper, I used a little rougher one and you could kind of see the scratch marks. I did use my silhouette to do the cutting, I used chipboard/old cereal boxes as the templates.  We did a lot of touch up painting, because we had trouble with bleeding.  I would definitely use vinyl next time :).  I made the shield with a dog frisbee and cut out the shapes with my silhouette then modge podged over it.

Before it was kind of a mess 😦 Sad little car!dsc_1042

The front wheels didn’t come off so I covered them with plastic before spray painting. dsc_1046

My sweet hubby helping me!dsc_1117


Tape this with really good painters tape!!dsc_1111dsc_1109dsc_0602

Creepy Crawler Toss Halloween Carnival Game


There was a fall festival and our small group was in charge of putting a game together.  I volunteered to make the game, which means my husband was volunteered as well.  We wanted to do something we could make two of so lines could move quicker and this is what we came up with.

We bought these boards from Home Depot for about $6.00 each.  We then got pumpkins buckets from Wal-mart for $1.00 each.

My husband used scrap wood for the back bracket and to make pieces that held the pumpkins in the right spot. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl lettering and we had bugs for the kids to toss in the bucket.


We were very surprised at how well these held up.  We were even able to lend these out to our in-laws.

Chalkboard Freezer

DSC_4308I love having a freezer in the garage to hold all the extra’s that don’t fit inside.  The only problem is that I am short, and its a little difficult to dig to to bottom of our freezer.

So I decided to clean it out recently, I was surprised by all the things I had hiding in the bottom out of my reach! AHH! What a waste, most of it was expired 😦

I decided to fix the problem with chalkboard paint!  I tapped off the edges and used 4 coats of chalkboard paint. I rolled it with a small foam roller, I did each coat in an opposite direction and it came out nice and smooth!

DIY Silverware Holder


 We have a pretty large family, so when we have family get togethers we definitely have to use plastic utensils. I always end up putting the silverware in a plastic cup, and always hate it.  I decided to make something more practical for the occasions.  I didn’t want to spend much and actually this cost me $0. YAY!

I ended up using a scrap piece of wood, cans I had saved, a left over piece of leather for the handle and burlap I had leftover from another project.  I think it turned out pretty cute for all the “leftover” craft supplies.

I decided to do the main colors I have going on in our kitchen which are Tiffany blue and red.

I sprayed my pieces, then glued them on the wood.  I used little nails to attach my leather strap on top.


I decided I didn’t want it to be all once color so I added burlap and a little red ribbon to tie it in with my kitchen.

Can’t wait to have a family get together to try it out!


Drive In Movie

Our Memorial day was very wet this year!  We had rain the whole few weeks before and even the day of, so we decided to take our fun inside!

I told my husband I wasn’t going to go overboard, he didn’t believe me, and rightfully so!  I decided to do a popcorn bar, so I got out the awning I used for my step daughters 50’s party.  It worked perfectly.  My stepdaughter made the cute popcorn sign we hung up.  I got candy to put in our record bowls, also from her party, and we got popcorn flavoring.


I had a TON of extra boxes from when we moved, I knew I would find a use for them. So I got up in the crawl space and brought them out to create our cars.   Good thing for Dad’s and Uncle’s!  They did such an  awesome job with cutting the boxes!


After we got done cutting, my sister in law and I helped with the decorating.  I helped the kids wrap their cars in wrapping paper and she cut flowers and steering wheels.  This took us a while, but all the kids were very engaged.  We finished just in time for the sky to open up and poor!

Here are the cars finished!

DSC_3513-001 DSC_3514-001 DSC_3516-001  DSC_3518-001 DSC_3520-001 DSC_3521-001  DSC_3522

We were all shocked that they stayed in their cars for the ENITRE movie!  This will defiantly be something we do again!

Monogram Shoes Part 2

I decided to make my stepdaughter a pair of monogram shoes! Boy did they turn out cute!!  I did them a little different than the ones I did for myself.  I decided to do the monogram on her toe, do to the fact that her tongue was quite a bit smaller than mine. Instead of paint I used permeant vinyl with a few layers of shiny Modge Podge on over it. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl and tweezers to place them.  My advice is to have patience and cut extra letters because they get stuck together or ruined and it’s easier to have left over then keep going back and cutting more.


One shoe done!


I also decided to do her initials on the back too!

50’s Birthday Party Candy Table and Awning


My Step daughter turned ten this year!  She loves a themed party.  So I asked her what our theme should be this year and she said I want to wear a poodle skirt, yes everything revolves around the outfit!  So I started planning. This was so exciting because when I started looking at decorations there were pretty inexpensive.  I wanted to make a lot of my decorations myself though so i started brainstorming!

I knew I wanted to make a vintage candy station complete with a awning, so I asked my husband for a little help with it.  I luckily just got an inversion table right before this and what do you know the box was the perfect size for where I wanted to hang it.  I thought I’d have to make so modifications, but once I got it up it looked just right.  I got a red and white stripped table cloth and stapled it onto the box.  Then we had to figure out how to hang it, this is where my husband comes in handy!

 I knew I wanted to zip tie it to the railing but my husband pointed out that it might break the box.  So he got two brackets and put then in the corners for extra support and it worked great!  My Mom had this awesome vintage boxes I was able to some of candies on.



This is how it turned out! So cute! I used old records and melted them to make my bowls.  I made the cupcake stand out of records and mini Coca-Cola glasses that were 2 for a $1 at the dollar store.  Then I made the gum ball “machines” out of terra cotta pots and wooden doll balls.  I loved how this turned out!



Game Night Champion Trophy


Game night is always a fun time at our house.  I wanted to make a trophy that we could use for our family fun!


I found this action figure at the Dollar Store and a round glass cup and glued him on.


Then I got my gold metallic paint out.


After our first game night we decided it would be fun to record the winners with a Sharpie. I look forward to filling this trophy with lots of family memories!