1950’s Birthday Party Drive in Sign


I had one more side of the inversion table box left over that I used for the candy table awning and thought I was sure I could find a use for it!  I started to paint the box and within the first few minutes I realized how much time a paint this was going to require so I got a dollar store red tablecloth and covered the box.  I then started to paint it. I just “winged’ the arrow and was really thankful it turned out!  I wanted to put light in it.  I always buy extra Christmas light on clearance for the end of the year, so I got a box out and started to put them in.  I tried a few different ways.  I found that using an X-acto knife and cut an “X” where I wanted to put the lights worked the best.  They pushed through pretty easily and it held then nice and straight.  She loved the personal touch!


50’s Birthday Party Candy Table and Awning


My Step daughter turned ten this year!  She loves a themed party.  So I asked her what our theme should be this year and she said I want to wear a poodle skirt, yes everything revolves around the outfit!  So I started planning. This was so exciting because when I started looking at decorations there were pretty inexpensive.  I wanted to make a lot of my decorations myself though so i started brainstorming!

I knew I wanted to make a vintage candy station complete with a awning, so I asked my husband for a little help with it.  I luckily just got an inversion table right before this and what do you know the box was the perfect size for where I wanted to hang it.  I thought I’d have to make so modifications, but once I got it up it looked just right.  I got a red and white stripped table cloth and stapled it onto the box.  Then we had to figure out how to hang it, this is where my husband comes in handy!

 I knew I wanted to zip tie it to the railing but my husband pointed out that it might break the box.  So he got two brackets and put then in the corners for extra support and it worked great!  My Mom had this awesome vintage boxes I was able to some of candies on.



This is how it turned out! So cute! I used old records and melted them to make my bowls.  I made the cupcake stand out of records and mini Coca-Cola glasses that were 2 for a $1 at the dollar store.  Then I made the gum ball “machines” out of terra cotta pots and wooden doll balls.  I loved how this turned out!



1950’s Birthday Party

My step daughter turned 10 this year! She wanted a 50’s party so she could wear a poodle skirt.  She loves to dress the part for everything she does! Here are is what I did for the party.  I’ll be posting about the candy table and awning and also the drive in sign I made. It was one of my favorite parties I’ve done so far!


We did a candy bar table and a photo station!  I had gum balls, tootsie rolls, lollipops and we had cupcakes. I had a popcorn machine in the corner with little popcorn bags.


I got checkered wall murals and wrapped our island and made a “soda shop”.  We also did Malts complete with a vintage malt mixer which I didn’t get a picture of unfortunately.  In the back you can see I ordered red baskets, for our hot dogs, hamburgers and fries.


This was right in our entry way.  I had a table with glasses for they guys and girls and also for pearls for the girls.  This was a fun touch for everyone to dress up!


Our table with our cardboard table jukebox.


Lighted Drive in sign.


Cute kiddos!


Candy table


Soda shop sign


So I took a cake decorating class a few months ago and thought…I can make a cake. Well boy was I wrong.  I made my cake and it cake our perfect, I started to frost it and it ripped apart!  I have since learned…Freeze your cake before you frost it!! So last minute I ran to the store and found a plain round cake.  I rolled out my black fondant and cut it to fit the top of my pre-made cake. Used sugar paper for the white part and then wrote on it.  I think her record cake turned out pretty well, for all the trouble I had!


Bubble gum contest!


We played limbo! This was the kids favorite we played for quite awhile!


Her party was a big success and so much fun to plan!