Burlap Christmas Theme


This year I decided to do a burlap theme for my Christmas decorations. I absolutely LOVE my tree this year! My husband made this AMAZING tree box.  If you are curious to see how it was made click here.  (Um… We’re going to write about that box at some point… Really.)DSC_1128.JPG

I did my garland on my railing with burlap too!  I wrapped the lights and garland first than tied the burlap around that. DSC_0002.JPG

I also made these cute little burlap trees.  I used floral styrofoam trees.  Folded the burlap in half, cut slits, and than I pinned them in place. Hot glue did not work and was a total mess!   I’ll keep updating as I add more burlap 🙂  I am just getting started!

Our Elf on the Shelf Arrived Early This Year…


Since I am almost completely decorated for Christmas, my stepdaughter asked if she could ask for Tipsy to return early this year.  Since we only have the kids part of the time, I thought” why not?”

I decided to have her arrive in a swimsuit and sunhat so it would look like the kids interrupted her vacation 🙂

For the hat I just make a circle and cut a smaller circle and slipped it over her elf hat.

The swimsuit was a little more tricky, I will add the pattern below if you want to use it!  My husband really did a lot of the cutting, he has more patience than me with that stuff!  We ended up just pinning it one her, that was not our intention from the beginning, but I am really glad we did.  It fit better and was simple to take off!


click here for pdf pattern!

Fourth of July Rag banner


I wanted to do a cute banner for my fireplace that was Fourth of July themed.

I knew I wanted to do a “rag” banner so I went to the clearance fabric section at Hobby Lobby.

They had a red star pattern, and a navy blue polka dot pattern.  What are the chances?

Next I got my rotary cutter and mat out and decided I wanted my strips to be 1 inch.  Unfortunately my blade had a dull spot 😦 This step ended up taking a little longer because I had to cut pieces that didn’t get cut with scissors. I had already started and didn’t want to go to the store to buy a new one.


Here are my 1 inch strips.


Then I got my twine out and measured it against my mantel.  I just tied a knot around the string.


Looks pretty cute over my fireplace!


Fourth Of July Decorations

DSC_3932 DSC_3933 DSC_3939

Yesterday I decided to put a few fourth of July decorations up.

I never thought I would be “that person who decorates for every season”, but I am.

I made a wreath yesterday and got some red and white flowers.  I am wanting to add more this week.  We will have to see if I get to it!