3 Way Braided Bun

My step daughter loves to get her hair done.  I enjoy doing it, especially when I have time to be a little more creative.  I decided to do a 3 way braid that went into a bun.  I did one braid up the back of her head and then two on the sides of her head.  She likes to look like she has a big bun.  This is hard because she doesn’t have a ton of hair, unlike me!  So I put it into a pony, then I take another band and pull he hair through till just the ends are left and bobby pin the rest into place.  It definitely give the illusion that there is a lot more hair.DSC_4251 DSC_4252 DSC_4253


Anchor Nail Decals DIY


 I LOVE NAIL ART.  I have done it by hand quite a few times.  The problem for me is that my left hand always looks great and my right not so much.

I am always impressed with how interact my Silhouette Cameo cuts, so I decided to give nail decals a try.

This was my first try with doing nail decals.  I love doing these designs with vinyl because they both look the same and stay really well.

I wore these for about a week and half before I noticed any chipping, although the decal was in perfect shape!  I did use a shellac top coat on these so I think that has some to do with the wearability of these!