Birthday Cake for Papa

I had a small family birthday party for my Papa.  I started searching for what kinds of cake to make.  I knew he wanted chocolate with buttercream frosting, but I was stumped on how to decorate the cake!!  I decided to go for a plain look, I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out.  I used the “spoon technique” to get the texture on the cake.  I got some paper straws and thread and make the topper myself.


I also decided to do a few sugar cookies with royal icing! YUM!



Pumpkin Cupcakes


At our small group I was tasked with bringing dessert!  I knew I wanted to do something fall themed, so I took to Pinterest and found this AMAZING recipe from Cooking Classy! I decorated mine a tad differently.  I am so upset I didn’t get pictures of how I did my own pumpkin candies.  I’ll do my best to explain here.

I got white melting chocolate and added in orange till I got the color I wanted.  I then used a star tip to make the ridges of the pumpkin.  I made a MESS the first few times, found our you need it to be pretty cooled off, in order for it to hold the ridges!  I added the brown stem with the same technique.

If you want pumpkin cupcakes, I definitely recommend this recipe.  I had many people say they don’t like cake but they LOVED these!

Baseball Cake #3

Here is my last cake.  Click here to see #1 and #2.  This was a last minute cake that I decided to make the night before.

This was by far the most simple cake out of the three. I love how it turned out!


I used the ball cake pan again to make half a ball. I got store bought frosting (I normally don’t).  I have seen this technique done before but was a little worried how it was going to work on a rounded surface.  (Note: I always freeze my cakes before frosting).


Warm your frosting up in the microwave.  I did 30 second increments till it was runny but not hot. Then I started to pour moving in circular motions.  You will use the whole can of frosting.  I did two coats.  After 15 minutes I scooped up the leftovers on the mat and microwaved it and poured again.  I was so impressed with how well this worked.


For the cupcakes I used the same microwaved frosting to dip the cupcakes in.  This worked really well to give a smooth surface to put the red laces on.  I had some leftover green frosting from my previous cakes that I used to put “grass” around the big ball.  I love how this one turned out.

Baseball Cake #2

Here is baseball cake #2.  Click here to see cake #1!  I decided to make a home plate with a ball this time. thumb_DSC_4395

I baked my cake in a 10′ pan.  So I had to find the middle.


I marked it with a tooth pick for reference.


Then I found 5″ on each side of the cake and marker them with tooth picks.  No this is where that nice metal ruler comes in handy.  Make sure you clean it well or keep one for baking.  Use your ruler to make light marker with the edge.


Two nice simple cuts with a serated knife.


And you have a home plate! Simple!


Here is what it looked like all done.  I decided to use my star tip on the ball to give it some dimension and help it not look flat with the smooth frosting on the bottom!

Baseball Cake #1

My nephews have birthday’s just a day apart so that means a lot of birthday cake.  My sister-in-law asked me if I would make the cakes for their parties this year.  I am not going to lie…I was a little nervous.  I had never made a cake for someone else before.  They wanted baseball themed cakes, so I found the Wilton ball cake pan and got to work.  I found a great youtube tutorial for this cake!

 thumb_DSC_4374_1024 trystan cake

thumb_DSC_4371 thumb_DSC_4372_1024I will do a post about how I made the stadium sign behind that cake soon!

Halloween Cookies

I made royal icing cookies about a year before I made these last halloween, it was a DISASTER.  I think I even recall my redheaded temper coming out and telling my husband “I will never do these again”.

epic fail

My first attempt… Not so good!

Well…after a few youtube videos I decided to give it another try!  I don’t have any progress picutres, but I love the way they turned out so I wanted to share.

halloween cookies

My second attempt… Much better!

I made these for my step daughters class, put them in some cute spiderweb bags and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut tags. Her teacher asked me where I bought them. YAY! Success!


I will make sure to take progress photos and post recipes the next time I make these!