I am a God loving woman, a wife, a stepmom and a DIY junkie.


I enjoy staying active, doing projects around the house and taking care of the family God blessed me with.  I am blessed to be a stay at home stepmom.

I love to make old things new, organize the unorganized, make things glitter, plan big parties, try new baking recipes, decorate and help others create.

I find writing to be somewhat therapeutic.  Although I want to share the fun projects of what we do around our house, I also what to be available for God to use me in whatever way He sees fit.

You will hear me repeat this often, I am NOT an expert at being a stepmom.  I, like I am sure a lot of you, am navigating the sometimes messy and unique position of being a stepmom.  I want to be an encouragement and share what I feel God calls us to do. And I think that is to love these children as our own, to hug them when they don’t want those hugs, to pray for them daily and to tell them you love them even if that sentiment is not returned.

When I first became a stepmom I looked for blogs and was sad to see that so many were negative or that these blogs became a place to complain about being a stepmom.  My goal here is to be a positive place and to find what God wants us to do in these hard times.  I would love to hear from you or even to hear some topics that you would like to talk about!  Please like my facebook page and get involved in discussions!

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