Why I LOVE My iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This is not a sponsored post!


My husband bought me a Roomba for Christmas.  We found it on a great Black Friday deal!  I’ve wanted one since we now have 4 dogs.  It feels like a constant ordeal to sweep and vacuum all the time, so when I saw this deal I knew we had to try it.  Now I want to say that I have heard mixed reviews on these.  We went into this knowing the good and bad of what people say, so I think I had pretty realistic expectations of what this would do.

I’ll start with why I LOVE this.  I should mention we named her Rosie, yes we named her! Like I said before we  have 4 dogs and the hair that is in our house feels overwhelming at times. I knew that I would need to still vacuum, but my hopes was to have my vacuuming down to once or twice a week.  It exceeded my expectation I am able to vacuum once a week and then Rosie does the rest. She runs on a schedule at 9 am everyday.  She does a great job on the carpet and the hardwood floor.  She does a good enough job on the carpet that you see the vacuum lines, this always makes me happy, I love those little vacuum lines :). She gets under furniture that I can’t, this is where the dog hair gets trapped, so this is awesome! My other favorite part is that the replacement parts are so cheap, this is where I bought ours and I am super happy with it. You will need to change out the spinner, ours lasted about 3 months before it needed replaced.  She also doesn’t scare the dogs, which was a concern we had! My favorite part is she puts herself up on her charger, I love that it does this!


There are very few things I don’t like about this but, there is room for improvement on a few things. It gets stuck under the edges of our couches and Rosie will be there when we get home sometimes.  She also gets stuck in our bathroom, she gets in there and closes the door on herself.  The only other thing that is kind of annoying is, the spinner gets clogged up with dog hair, about once a week I have to clean it out.  The good news is that it is a super simple and easy thing to do, just a little maintenance.

All in all, I could not live with our Rosie. She has made my work load a little easier and I love her.  I highly recommend this!

Now I really want to try the Roomba Mopper!

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