Smom?! What’s a Smom?

Smom? What’s a Smom?  I get this question often.  My stepkids call me Smom.  My husband and I went on our honeymoon and my stepdaughter wrote us a note when we got home and she wrote it “” in that sweet note that told me how excited she was to have a new “”.  From there they started calling me Smom.

Yes ,it seems silly to write a blog about this, but this is something special to me.   I am very aware I am not their Mother and would never want them to call me “mom”, they have a mom.  So when we came up with the special name it gave an identity to my unique role I play in their lives.

When we are out and the kids call me Smom some people just assume they are say mom, but others will ask what it means.  I love being able to tell them my sweet given name 🙂

I encourage all stepmoms to find a special name, we are a special addition to their lives and that deserves a special given name.

All you Smom’s out there you ARE Special!


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