Chore Chart


I decided to make the kids new chore charts.  My biggest struggle is helping them keep track of what they have done. They have daily chores and weekly chores so this system works really well.  It helps to keep track of what they have done for the week as well.  At our house we do chores, but they don’t get paid for chores instead they get “points”, these points can be are used for  minutes to play for video games or to watch t.v..  We do have jobs that the kids are responsible for that they get paid for.  We like to think of chores as things that are just part of living and jobs as something you work for money. DSC_0610.JPG

I got these boards and clips from Michaels. I used my silhouette to create the cards.  I did two cards then taped them together and laminated them. Here is the fileDSC_0010.JPG

I made these reward tickets with my Silhouette Cameo software and if you want to use them you can here.

I put money in at the beginning of month and take our money if the kids forget to do their jobs.  I do this for a few reasons.  It makes a bigger impact when the kids see their money taken away.  We also have the kids do 10% savings and 10% tithe off their money and it helps with a bigger amount of money instead of dealing in change. DSC_0012.JPG

This is the breakdown of what the kids get points for.

So far this system has been working well. Hope this helps someone!

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