Burlap Christmas Theme


This year I decided to do a burlap theme for my Christmas decorations. I absolutely LOVE my tree this year! My husband made this AMAZING tree box.  If you are curious to see how it was made click here.  (Um… We’re going to write about that box at some point… Really.)DSC_1128.JPG

I did my garland on my railing with burlap too!  I wrapped the lights and garland first than tied the burlap around that. DSC_0002.JPG

I also made these cute little burlap trees.  I used floral styrofoam trees.  Folded the burlap in half, cut slits, and than I pinned them in place. Hot glue did not work and was a total mess!   I’ll keep updating as I add more burlap 🙂  I am just getting started!

Caramel Apple Cupcakes


I have made A LOT of cupcakes.  This is by far one of my favorites!  Everyone loved them and I am so excited to make them for Thanksgiving (so is my husband:))

I got the recipe from Life, Love & Sugar.  The only modification I made was that I used store bought caramel and melted it down with a little milk, I was in a bit of a time crunch and did’t have time to mess with making it from scratch, yes I know it’s not that hard 🙂  I just chose to do this because I was in hurry!

You all should make these!!  SOO delicious!



Our Elf on the Shelf Arrived Early This Year…


Since I am almost completely decorated for Christmas, my stepdaughter asked if she could ask for Tipsy to return early this year.  Since we only have the kids part of the time, I thought” why not?”

I decided to have her arrive in a swimsuit and sunhat so it would look like the kids interrupted her vacation 🙂

For the hat I just make a circle and cut a smaller circle and slipped it over her elf hat.

The swimsuit was a little more tricky, I will add the pattern below if you want to use it!  My husband really did a lot of the cutting, he has more patience than me with that stuff!  We ended up just pinning it one her, that was not our intention from the beginning, but I am really glad we did.  It fit better and was simple to take off!


click here for pdf pattern!

Creepy Crawler Toss Halloween Carnival Game


There was a fall festival and our small group was in charge of putting a game together.  I volunteered to make the game, which means my husband was volunteered as well.  We wanted to do something we could make two of so lines could move quicker and this is what we came up with.

We bought these boards from Home Depot for about $6.00 each.  We then got pumpkins buckets from Wal-mart for $1.00 each.

My husband used scrap wood for the back bracket and to make pieces that held the pumpkins in the right spot. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl lettering and we had bugs for the kids to toss in the bucket.


We were very surprised at how well these held up.  We were even able to lend these out to our in-laws.

Fall Pinterest Craft Night

We decided to do a fall craft night and it was a big success!!DSC_0614.JPG

I did the wine glasses with chalk on the bottom, the younger girls loved this!  I cute the Pinterest images with my silhouette cameo and the same with the water bottle covers!  Click here for the Silhouette Cameo file I used to create the water bottle covers!DSC_0617.JPG

I painted a bunch of Dollar Tree pumpkins with chalkboard spray paint, this way everyone could write down what they brought! DSC_0618.JPG

I also made little bags for everyone to take their goodies home!  Here is the  Silhouette file for the stickers I made! DSC_0620.JPGDSC_0621.JPGDSC_0623.JPGDSC_0624.JPGDSC_0668.JPG

Here is the craft we made!wpid-1444599849698-204.jpg

We are planning our next party for Christmas!

Birthday Cake for Papa

I had a small family birthday party for my Papa.  I started searching for what kinds of cake to make.  I knew he wanted chocolate with buttercream frosting, but I was stumped on how to decorate the cake!!  I decided to go for a plain look, I am actually pretty happy with how it turned out.  I used the “spoon technique” to get the texture on the cake.  I got some paper straws and thread and make the topper myself.


I also decided to do a few sugar cookies with royal icing! YUM!


Homework/desk Board


My brother and sister-in-law just finished new rooms for their boys and she wanted something to put above their desks in their new rooms.  Here is what I came up with.

I measured the space and had my husband cut a board the right size.

                                                 DSC_4481 DSC_4485


Then I used batting and fabric to create the ribbon memo board.  I didn’t follow to normal pattern for the ribbon I did what I thought would look cool and different. I like how it turned out.

                  DSC_4488 DSC_4489 DSC_4490

We found some baseball buttons that I used here.


I didn’t get any pictures of how we attached this.

After that I used some cork board and paper to create the other squares.

We also screwed hold into cans and the board and then covered them with fabric to create space for them to store pens and such.

I really like how they turned out!

Pumpkin Cupcakes


At our small group I was tasked with bringing dessert!  I knew I wanted to do something fall themed, so I took to Pinterest and found this AMAZING recipe from Cooking Classy! I decorated mine a tad differently.  I am so upset I didn’t get pictures of how I did my own pumpkin candies.  I’ll do my best to explain here.

I got white melting chocolate and added in orange till I got the color I wanted.  I then used a star tip to make the ridges of the pumpkin.  I made a MESS the first few times, found our you need it to be pretty cooled off, in order for it to hold the ridges!  I added the brown stem with the same technique.

If you want pumpkin cupcakes, I definitely recommend this recipe.  I had many people say they don’t like cake but they LOVED these!