50’s Birthday Party Candy Table and Awning


My Step daughter turned ten this year!  She loves a themed party.  So I asked her what our theme should be this year and she said I want to wear a poodle skirt, yes everything revolves around the outfit!  So I started planning. This was so exciting because when I started looking at decorations there were pretty inexpensive.  I wanted to make a lot of my decorations myself though so i started brainstorming!

I knew I wanted to make a vintage candy station complete with a awning, so I asked my husband for a little help with it.  I luckily just got an inversion table right before this and what do you know the box was the perfect size for where I wanted to hang it.  I thought I’d have to make so modifications, but once I got it up it looked just right.  I got a red and white stripped table cloth and stapled it onto the box.  Then we had to figure out how to hang it, this is where my husband comes in handy!

 I knew I wanted to zip tie it to the railing but my husband pointed out that it might break the box.  So he got two brackets and put then in the corners for extra support and it worked great!  My Mom had this awesome vintage boxes I was able to some of candies on.



This is how it turned out! So cute! I used old records and melted them to make my bowls.  I made the cupcake stand out of records and mini Coca-Cola glasses that were 2 for a $1 at the dollar store.  Then I made the gum ball “machines” out of terra cotta pots and wooden doll balls.  I loved how this turned out!




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