Stepmom’ing in the Summer Part 2 Daily Schedules

Activity Day Schedule Daily Schedule

My step kids love to have a schedule.  I find it hard to believe at moments, but they really do.  They have actually asked me for one!  The biggest reason I started this was because at about 3:00 everyday they were over each other.  They would start trying to irritate each other on purpose,making one of them loose it and ultimately making me loose it, as well. So I decided that they would eat lunch at a certain time and then have “quiet time” away from each other for an hour after lunch.  That’s when they decided they really liked having set times for things and asked if I could make a schedule to follow.  My husband and I are both happily surprised by how well this works.  I don’t really enforce the schedule, but the kids enjoy following it.  I thought I would share in case anyone else out there has kids that enjoy being on a schedule! In case anyone is wondering about Kahn Academy, it is AWESOME! Extremely worth your time especially in the summer, it helps them keep learning over summer!


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