Dog Feeding Station


Updated photo: found these cute bowls at Hobby Lobby half off! YAY!

I have two sweet doggies who are a big part of our family!  We have always fed them in our kitchen on the kitchen rugs and I got super fed up with kicking, stepping and tripping over the bowls that inevitably got left there all day long. So I decided to make the dogs their own “feed station” area.  All that really meant was finding a space on the floor where they could have an area out of the way.  I got a rubber feeding mat from Target and decided I wanted to make it a little more personalized by adding little name tags.  I also decided to make a sign that would tell us if the dogs have been fed or not.  I always have trouble knowing if the kids fed them before they left for school.  I am hoping this will help!

I got these cute signs at Micheals and used red paint.  I like to buy sample paints at Home Depot, they are much cheaper than buying acrylic paint and you get a lot more of it.


I added some cute little wooden accents.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut vinyl for the lettering.


I think it turned out very cute! Now I just need to find some matching bowls!


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