My Current obsession…. MONOGRAMS

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I recently found a love for Monograms! I am not sure what sparked this new excitement, but now I feel the need for everything to be monogrammed.

I found some really cute monogrammed shoes online and I thought “I can do this”.  Mind you they aren’t embroidered like the ones I found online.  I found some cheap low top white tennis shoes for around $10.  I already had the other supplies!  Can’t beat a speciality pair of shoes for $10!

Like I mentioned in my post on the cruise shirts I made, one of my new favorite methods is freezer paper and fabric paint.

Next, I went to Mark and Graham and made a monogram.  I put it into my Silhouette software and cut my freezer paper.  I had to iron the freezer paper on the tongue of the shoes which was a little bit of a challenge, but I got it.  Make sure to take the tags off the tongue, the ones I bought were stitched on so this was pretty easy.  After I ironed the stencil I had made from the freezer paper, I used matte black fabric paint.  I let it dry completely before I peeled off the stencil, then I hit it lightly with the iron.  I was very satisfied with how they turned out.


After I was done I thought how cute it would be do add a little monogram to the back.  I painted the back square where the name of the shoes were with black acrylic paint.  After they were dry I cut my tiny monograms with white permeant vinyl.  I used my tweezers to apply them to the backs of my shoes.


They are so cute! Can’t wait to wear them this summer!


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